Quince, perhaps the most beautiful fruit originally from the Caucasus region. It is grown in Mediterranean countries and gives precious fruits in late autumn. It is one of the most important allies of health in the fruit family. 
It is considered the fruit of fertility. In "Parallel Lives" by Plutarch it is quoted that Solon introduced a decree, according to which the bride and groom should be locked up in a room and eat a quince together.
It is high in vitamin C, potassium, copper and contains vitamin A. It is ideal for reducing cholesterol and for diabetics, one of its main components being pectin. They also have anti-aging effects because of their antioxidants.
The wine made from quince is considered very beneficial for asthma sufferers.
Frequent consumption would facilitate the functioning of the kidneys and liver.
Other important properties is that it soothes irritated stomach, improves digestive function and the juice with pulp of a cooked or roasted quince, can be used as anti-emetic therapy.
We make marmalades, quince paste, which is one of the traditional sweets of Kefalonia and compotes. It is wonderful with sugar and red wine in the oven.