Enjoy nature

The three traditional buildings of Silo Hotel Apartments have been carefully situated in a wonderful natural environment where the dominant vast old pines and pergolas are in perfect harmony with the olives and the other fructiferous trees, the numerous aromatic plants and flowers, that either spread in the wide shared area or climb on the buildings. The olive trees do not simply decorate the gardens of this hotel unit. The owners collect the fruits every November in order to produce their own oii devoid of chemicals and fertilizers, and they use it for cooking at Pergola bar of Silo Hotel Apartments

Near the elegant bar space, you can enjoy the warm sun lying on our comfortable sun beds.

Southward, at a distance of about 200 meters you can find Makrys Gialos, one of the most beautiful beaches of Kefalonia, while northerly at a 150 meters distance you can find the quiet and romantic Paliostafida beach. There is quietness all around the clock, while at night you can enjoy this unique natural environment discreetly lit by spot lights.